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Life in Azerbaijan


The geographical position of Azerbaijan, dynamically developing economy, rich culture and hospitable people attracts tourists from all over the world. Close economic and cultural ties with many countries open up new opportunities for Azerbaijan, improve living conditions and, at the same time, the countrys investment climate.


The balance between work and leisure creates a comfortable and dynamic life. We can also add many the advantages of the country, such as a visa-free entry for citizens from the CIS countries, good infrastructure, convenient land transport and metro, and the presence of large shopping centers and supermarkets in cities.


Azerbaijan’s economic growth


Azerbaijan developing different areas such as construction, tourism, agriculture, energy, oil, gas and chemical industries, trade and services, transport, and logistics. The country annually shows exponential economic growth. These combined factors make Azerbaijan attractive for life and business.


For anyone who is interested in investments


Potential investors consider Azerbaijan as a country not only for business, but also for life. Comfortable climate, Caspian Sea, high-quality food, low prices, developed agriculture, raw materials and energy base of the country. All these factors guarantee that the country will continue to develop in all areas, including education, culture, sports and medicine.


Services FINCON offers:

  • Registration of companies for citizens of Azerbaijan and foreign citizens.
  • Assistance in finding a business and buying or selling a business.
  • Search for investors to expand the business.
  • Investment in real estate.
  • Transaction support.
  • Asset valuation.
  • Drafting of business plans.
  • Financial audit.
  • Accounting and 1C.
  • Obtaining a residence permit.


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