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Financial Audit of Companies in Azerbaijan


By ordering an audit from FINCON you will be able to timely detect any possible errors and inaccuracies, as well as receive a full report of the current financial situation in your business. You may rely on our qualified specialists for an open and transparent audit of your company.


An audit for a company is important in order to check financial documents and determine the degree of reliability of the information presented in them. The result of the audit will help you to make the right decisions to improve the efficiency of enterprises.


When is it necessary to conduct an audit for a company?


1) When selling or buying a business

2) To gain the trust of investors

3) Voluntary audit

4) Mandatory audit


According to the current legislation of The Republic of Azerbaijan, an audit is obligatory for:


- Joint stock companies

- Enterprises with foreign investments

- Banks and other credit institutions

- Insurance companies

- Investment funds

- Municipal authorities

- Enterprises with an annual income of more than 1 million manat


Audit services offered by FINCON


- Mandatory and voluntary audits

- Internal and external audits

- Audit of economic activity

- Surveillance audit

- Mandatory audit ordered by state authorities

- Other types of audit services


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Tel / WhatsApp: +994 77 345 01 50

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