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Support for business operations in Azerbaijan


The need to support transactions comes up when drawing up and concluding contracts. It is often needed to represent the interests of cooperating parties or business partners, when doing business, purchasing goods, or buying and selling business or real estate.


The FINCON team assists companies and individuals in concluding transactions, including the fulfillment of the obligations of a concluded contract. This may be the supply of goods, a cooperation agreement, the purchase and sale of real estate, local or international contracts, etc.


To ensure safe cooperation between the business partners, we offer legal support, which guarantees the reliability and legitimacy of the transaction to parties.


Services offered:


▪ Preparation of documents: contracts of sale, lease, cooperation.

▪ Preparation of documents needed for starting a new business.

▪ Financial, economic and legal analysis of the deal.

▪ Due diligence of assets.

▪ Support of transactions during financing.

▪ Support of transactions when selling shares in a business.

▪ The control of execution of the contract and obligations: payments and shipments.

▪ Assistance in negotiations.

▪ Asset valuation.


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Tel / WhatsApp: +994 77 345 01 50

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