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Ready profitable business offers in Azerbaijan


We help run your business in Azerbaijan:

  • Individual manager: business correspondence, presentations, negotiations
  • Marketing, competitor analysis, service and brand promotion
  • Services: logistics, customs, sales
  • Accounting and tax reports


Azerbaijan is a country with a dynamic and fast developing economy. There are many business opportunities to expand in the Azerbaijan such as tourism, construction, agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery, green economy, transport and logistics, oil-gas, chemical industries, and business in the service sector, .. etc.


Today, Azerbaijan opens a wide array of opportunities for conducting transparent businesses. Digital tools and services such as remote paperwork and filing of tax returns and electronic document management are being created. This allows for doing business without any paperwork or bureaucracy.


FINCON Services: Search for ready made businesses


We will help you find a business for investments. FINCON guarantees complete confidentiality of transactions.Whether it is commercial real estates, restaurants, auto services, hotels, industrial enterprises, business centers, stores and any other operating and profitable businesses. Whatever the business, FINCON undertakes the verification of financial components and legal support of transactions.


Why is it beneficial to conclude a deal for the purchase and sale of a business with us?


 - The legal subtleties of transactions will be observed

 - Only legal businesses, without tax problems

 - Verified entities

 - Financial audits and business verification by experts

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Tel / WhatsApp: +994 77 345 01 50

FINCON- your reliable partner in Azerbaijan



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