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Investments into business in Azerbaijan


If you are on this page that means:

- You may be looking for a business entity to invest in. You are interested in investing in a profitable and working project, or residential, commercial property.

- You have an operating business and you are looking for investments to develop your project.


Our company offers consulting services as well as a wide range of possibilities in cooperation to find the profitable business objectsin Azerbaijan for foreign investors. Investments can be found for both small and medium sized businesses, as well as in a large business.


An essential condition for our cooperation is a pre-sale inspection of the property being sold. It shall include an assessment of assets and a financial audit, both of these services will be carried out by FINCON specialists.


For the confidentiality of the transaction, we recommend that a non-disclosure agreement between you and our company be concluded, which will act as a guarantor of the transaction.


For investors


If you are an investor looking for a equity investment, you may contact us for related information. You may be sure that we will be able to find an interesting offer in the area that you would like to invest funds in. We use various different tools to solve the tasks assigned to us.


What we offer:


- Search for objects of investments.

- Finding an investor for your business.

- Legal support.

- Business valuation.

- Financial audit.

Transaction support.
- Business plan (on request).

Contact us for more details:

Tel / WhatsApp: +994 77 345 01 50

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